LIFE - Lifestyle for Environment Mission 2023

Awarness programme and workshop on LIFE- Lifestyle for environment Mission.


Awarness programme and Demonstration under LIFE- Lifestyle for environment Mission at Dhanayachiwadi, Tq.Hadgaon, Dist-Nanded.


Organic Farming - Importance of Organic farming for residue free crops vegetables and fruits now a days very important for good health.


Animal Health - Deworming of animals like Cattles, Goats, Buffalos and Bullocks for healthy life before monsoon. this treatment is very essential.


Fruit crops - Some fruit crops are important because they are cash crops in summer perishable life of fruits is very low hence the handling and grading is important before sale of market.


Natural farming - Now a day’s cultivation practices expenses is very high hence to lower down the cost of cultivation and residue free crops natural farming is important for farmers.


Nursery management - Nursery is allied business for farmers which gives good returns hence the management of nursery is important for teaching the farmers.


Seed Germination - Before sowing the seed germination check up practice is very important to know the status of seed.


FYM enrichment techniques - In FYM for betterment of organic manure the decomposer, Trichoderma, Metarhizium is used in FYM.

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